Fleet and Company Car Owners

We anticipate different categories of loss can be claimed against Mercedes as a result of their dirty diesel emissions. In respect of company cars that means both the company and the employee could have a claim for compensation. We would therefore urge both the owners or lessees, as well as the drivers, of company cars to register now to discover their rights and potential options.

Yes, we encourage all fleet owners and managers to register. If your company leased or owned Mercedes diesel vehicles manufactured between 2008 and 2018, you can potentially make claims for all of them.

No, there is no limit to the number of affected vehicles you can potentially claim for. At the registration stage, you will be asked to provide details of just one of the vehicles to join the process.   

No, you can register with the details of just one vehicle using our registration form here. You will be asked to confirm the number of vehicles you wish to claim for using the drop-down box in the registration form, including the option to select 10+ vehicles.  We will be in touch to collect details of additional vehicles in a way which is most convenient for you as the claim progresses.

Yes, definitely! The diesel emissions issue may have affected the price you paid for the vehicle and may have impacted the on-going running costs of it whilst under your ownership.  

No, if your vehicle was fitted with a defeat device then the government confirmed there would be no increase to the amount of vehicle tax you pay.

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